The AsciiMath input processor

The options below control the operation of the AsciiMath input processor that is run when you include "input/AsciiMath" in the jax array of your configuration or load a combined configuration file that includes the AsciiMath input jax. They are listed with their default values. To set any of these options, include a AsciiMath section in your MathJax.Hub.Config() call. For example

  AsciiMath: {
    fixphi: true,
    useMathMLspacing: true,
    displaystyle: false,
    decimalsign: "."

would set the displaystyle configuration option so that the limits for operators like summation symbols will appear next to them rather than above and below.

fixphi: true

Determines whether MathJax will switch the Unicode values for phi and varphi. If set to true MathJax will use the TeX mapping, otherwise the Unicode mapping.

useMathMLspacing: true

Determines whether MathJax will use MathML spacing. Set to false to get TeX-like spacing.

displaystyle: true

Determines whether operators like summation symbols will have their limits above and below the operators (true) or to their right (false). The former is how they would appear in displayed equations that appear on their own lines, while the latter is better suited to in-line equations so that they don’t interfere with the line spacing so much.

decimalsign: "."

This is the character to be used for decimal points in numbers. if you change this to ",", then you need to be careful about entering points or intervals. E.g., use (1, 2) rather than (1,2) in that case.