Contextual Menu Options

The ui/menu component implements the contextual menu that you get when you right-click (or control-click) on a typeset expression. The settings in the menu are “sticky”, which means that they are saved from page to page and session to session (though they web-site specific, so each web site has its own saved settings).

As a page author, you can alter the default settings of the menu by using the menuOptions block of the options section of your MathJax configuration, as described below.

The ui/menu component adds a render action called addMenu that attaches the menu event handlers to the typeset output. (It also adds a second render action called checkLoading that mediates the loading of extensions needed by the contextual menu. For example, when the assistive a11y/explorer component is first activated, MathJax may need to load the a11y/explorer component; this render action makes sure that has happened before any math is typeset.)

If you want to disable the contextual menu, you can set the enableMenu option to false:

The Configuration Block

MathJax = {
  options: {
    enableMenu: true,          // set to false to disable the menu
    menuOptions: {
      settings: {
        texHints: true,        // put TeX-related attributes on MathML
        semantics: false,      // put original format in <semantic> tag in MathML
        zoom: 'NoZoom',        // or 'Click' or 'DoubleClick' as zoom trigger
        zscale: '200%',        // zoom scaling factor
        renderer: 'CHTML',     // or 'SVG'
        alt: false,            // true if ALT required for zooming
        cmd: false,            // true if CMD required for zooming
        ctrl: false,           // true if CTRL required for zooming
        shift: false,          // true if SHIFT required for zooming
        scale: 1,              // scaling factor for all math
        inTabOrder: true,      // true if tabbing includes math

        assistiveMml: true,    // true if hidden assistive MathML should be generated for screen readers
        collapsible: false,    // true if complex math should be collapsible
        explorer: false,       // true if the expression explorer should be active
      annotationTypes: {
        TeX: ['TeX', 'LaTeX', 'application/x-tex'],
        StarMath: ['StarMath 5.0'],
        Maple: ['Maple'],
        ContentMathML: ['MathML-Content', 'application/mathml-content+xml'],
        OpenMath: ['OpenMath']

Option Descriptions

Developer Options

MathJax = {
  options: {
    MenuClass: Menu,
    menuOptions: {
      jax: {
        CHTML: null,
        SVG: null