Version 3 is now the current version of MathJax. This document is for version 1.

The MMLorHTML configuration optionsΒΆ

The options below control the operation of the MMLorHTML configuration file that is run when you include "MMLorHTML.js" in the config array of your configuration. They are listed with their default values. To set any of these options, include a MMLorHTML section in your MathJax.Hub.Config() call. For example

  MMLorHTML: {
    prefer: {
      Opera: "MML"

would set the prefer option so that the Opera browser would prefer MathML to HTML-CSS output (while leaving the settings for other browsers unchanged).

Note that if you use the MMLorHTML.js configuration file, you should not specify an output processor in the jax array of your configuration; MMLorHTML will fill that in for you.

prefer: { MSIE: "MML", Firefox: "MML", Opera: "HTML", other: "HTML" }

This lets you set the preferred renderer on a browser-by-browser basis. You set the browser to either "MML" or "HTML" depending on whether you want to use the NativeMML or HTML-CSS output processor. Note that although Opera does process some MathML natively, its support is not sufficient to handle the more complicated output generated by MathJax, so its setting is "HTML" by default.