Version 3 is now the current version of MathJax. This document is for version 2.

EPUB3 Reading systems overview

With EPUB3, MathML has become part of the EPUB standard. All EPUB3 reading systems rely on regular browser engines to render EPUB content. This means they face the same (lack of) MathML support as browsers do.

Some EPUB reading systems leverage MathJax to provide MathML support without having to wait for browser engines to catch up.

For general information on EPUB 3 support, check

MathML support on EPUB3 reading systems

The following table collects know information on EPUB reading systems and their MathML support. Please help us keep this table up-to-date!

Name MathML support Platform
Adobe Digital Editions on Mac via Safari, on Windows via MathJax Windows, Mac
Aldiko no Android
Azardi Desktop via Gecko Windows, Mac, Linux
AzardiOnline via MathJax web-based
Bluefire reader on iOS via mobile Safari iOS, Android, web-based browser-dependent web-based
Bureau van Dijk Reader via MathJax web-based, Android, iOS, Windows8
Cainteoir no Linux
Calibre via MathJax Windows, Mac, Linux
Coolreader no Android
Dolphin Easy Reader via MathPlayer Windows
epub.js via MathJax web-based
EPUBReader via Gecko Firefox add-on
FBreader no Android, Linux, Windows, Mac
Go Read via MathJax Android
Gyan reader via MathJax Android
iBooks via mobile Safari iOS, Mac
IDEAL reader via MathJax Android
Ingram VitalSource Bookshelf via MathJax Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, web-based
Kobo Reader mobile Safari on iOS Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry, web-based
Lektz no Android, iOS, Windows
Lucifox via Gecko Firefox Add-on
Mantano Reader no Android, iOS
MegaReader no iOS
Nook Apps no Windows, iOS, Android
Readium iOS: via mobile Safari, web-based: via MathJax SDK