Version 3 is now the current version of MathJax. This document is for version 2.

The jsMath2jax PreprocessorΒΆ

The options below control the operation of the jsMath2jax preprocessor that is run when you include "jsMath2jax.js" in the extensions array of your configuration. They are listed with their default values. To set any of these options, include a jsMath2jax section in your MathJax.Hub.Config() call. For example

  jsMath2jax: {
    preview: "none"

would set the preview parameter to "none".

preview: "TeX"

This controls whether jsMath2jax inserts MathJax_Preview spans to make a preview available, and what preview to use, when it locates in-line or display mathematics in the page. The default is "TeX", which means use the TeX code as the preview (which will be visible until it is processed by MathJax). Set to "none" to prevent previews from being inserted (the math will simply disappear until it is typeset). Set to an array containing the description of an HTML snippet in order to use the same preview for all equations on the page.


preview: ["[math]"],     //  insert the text "[math]" as the preview
preview: [["img",{src: "/images/mypic.jpg"}]],  // insert an image as the preview

See the description of HTML snippets for details on how to represent HTML code in this way.