Version 3 is now the current version of MathJax. This document is for version 2.

What’s New in MathJax v2.3

MathJax v2.3 includes a number of new features, as well a more than 30 important bug fixes.


  • New webfonts: MathJax v2.3 adds new webfonts for STIX, Asana Math, Neo Euler, Gyre Pagella, Gyre Termes, and Latin Modern.
  • Localization improvements: MathJax has been accepted into Thanks to the TWN community we could add 12 complete and over 20 partial translations.
  • MathML improvements: MathJax’s “Show Math as” menu will now expose the MathML annotation features. There are also two new preview options for the MathML input mode: mathml (now the default), which uses the original MathML as a preview, and altimage, which uses the <math> element’s altimg (if any) for the preview.
  • Miscellaneous improvements: A new extension MatchWebFonts improves the interaction with the surrounding content when that uses a webfont. A new configuration method allows configurations to be specified using a regular JavaScript variable window.MathJax.
  • MathJax is now available as a Bower package thanks to community contributions.

TeX input:

  • Prevent the TeX pre-processor from rendering TeX in MathML annotation-xml elements. (Issue #484)
  • Fix sizing issue in cases environment (Issue #485)


  • Fix block-letter capital I (U+2111) appearing as J in MathJax font (Issue #555)


  • Improved workarounds for MathML output on WebKit (Issue #482)
  • Handle empty multiscript, mlabeledtr, and other nodes in Native MathML output (Issue #486)
  • Replace non-standard MJX-arrow class by new menclose notation (Issue #481)
  • Fix incorrect widths in Firefox MathML output (Issue #558)
  • Fix display math not being centered in XHTML (Issue #650)
  • Fix problem when LaTeX code appears in annotation node (Issue #484)


  • Fix MathJax not rendering in Chrome when sessionStorage is disabled (Issue #584)
  • Fix \mathchoice error with linebreaking in SVG output (Issue #604)
  • Fix poor linebreaking of “flat” MathML with unmatched parentheses (Issue #523)



  • Localization: improved fallbacks for IETF tags (Issue #492)
  • Localization: support RTL in messages (Issue #627)
  • Improve PNG compression (Issue #44)