The PlainSource output processorΒΆ

The options below control the operation of the PlainSource output processor that is run when you include "output/PlainSource" in the jax array of your configuration. They are listed with their default values. To set any of these options, include an PlainSource section in your MathJax.Hub.Config() call. For example

  PlainSource: {
    styles: {
      ".MathJax_PlainSource_Display": {
        "text-align": "center",
        margin: ".75em 0px",

would configure some CSS properties of the resulting HTML markup.

styles: {}

This is a list of CSS declarations for styling the PlainSource output. See the definitions in jax/output/SVG/config.js for some examples of what are defined by default. See CSS Style Objects for details on how to specify CSS style in a JavaScript object.