Version 3 is now the current version of MathJax. This document is for version 2.

MathJax In Use

This is a historic selection of (web) applications using MathJax — showcasing some interesting examples that may serve as inspiration.

We keep this for historic purposes. We still highlight new examples in our commnunity news blog posts at


  • eLyxer (LyX to HTML converter; see the Math Showcase)
  • Fidus Writer, an web based editor for collaborative academic writing.
  • Flatworld knowledge a free textbook publisher using MathJax in their web service.
  • Inkling Habitat, a web-based publishing platform.
  • jaxedit (on-line LaTeX editor with live preview)
  • kramdown a markdown parser in ruby with MathJax support
  • MarkedApp, a notetaking app for iOS with MathJax support.
  • Markx, an open source markdown+MathJax editor heroku app using StackExchange’s PageDown library and optional pandoc integration.
  • Nested (structured document creation)
  • Pandoc a universal text document converter with extensive MathJax support
  • Qute, Gecko-based text editor with live-preview for Markdown and MathJax.
  • ReText a RestructuredText and Markdown editor with MathJax support.
  • StackEdit, a versatile open source markdown+MathJax editor webapp and blogging client using StackExchange’s PageDown library.

Mobile Apps

Plugins, Helpers, & Demos