MathJax in Dynamic ContentΒΆ

This page is under construction

If you are writing a dynamic web page where content containing mathematics may appear after MathJax has already typeset the rest of the page, then you will need to tell MathJax to look for mathematics in the page again when that new content is produced. To do that, you need to use the MathJax.typeset() method. This will cause MathJax to look for unprocessed mathematics on the page and typeset it, leaving unchanged any math that has already been typeset.

This command runs synchronously, but if the mathematics on the page uses \require or causes an extension to be auto-loaded (via the autoload component), this will cause the typeset call to fail. In this case, you should use MathJax.typesetPromise() instead. This returns a promise that is resolves when the typesetting is complete.

You should not start more than one typesetting operation at a time, so if you are using MathJax.typesetPromise() and will be calling it more than once, you may want to retain the promise it returns and chain your subsequent typeset calls to it. See the Handling Asynchronous Typesetting section for more details.

More information will be coming to this section in the future.