Reporting IssuesΒΆ

If you come across a problem with MathJax, please report it so that the development team and other users are aware and can look into it. It is important that you report your problem following the steps outlined here because this will help us to rapidly establish the nature of the problem and work towards a solution effectively.

To report a problem, please follow these steps:

  • Have you cleared your browser cache, quit your browser, and restarted it? If not, please do so first and check if the problem persists. These instructions tell you how to clear your cache on the major browsers.
  • Have you turned off other extensions and plugins in your browser, and restarted it?
  • Have a look at the math rendering examples on to see if you experience problems there as well. This might help you to determine the nature of your problem.
  • If possible, check whether the problem has been solved in the latest MathJax release.
  • Search through the MathJax User Group and the MathJax issue tracker to see if anyone else has come across the problem before.
  • Found a real and new problem? Please report it to the MathJax issue tracker including the following information:
    • A detailed description of the problem. What exactly is not working as you expected? What do you see?
    • The MathJax version you are working with, your operating system, and full browser information including all version information.
    • If at all possible, a pointer to a webpage that is publicly available and exhibits the problem. This makes sure that we can reproduce the problem and test possible solutions. You can create minimal examples using such tools as jsfiddle, jsbin, codepen, or codesandbox.