The action extension gives you access to the MathML <maction> element. It defines three new non-standard macros:


Use tip (in math mode) as tooltip for math.


Use tip (plain text) as tooltip for math.


Show math1, and when clicked, show math2, and so on. When the last one is clicked, go back to math1.

This extension is loaded automatically when the autoload extension is used. To load the action extension explicitly, add '[tex]/action' to the load array of the loader block of your MathJax configuration, and add 'action' to the packages array of the tex block.

window.MathJax = {
  loader: {load: ['[tex]/action']},
  tex: {packages: {'[+]': ['action']}}

Alternatively, use \require{action} in a TeX expression to load it dynamically from within the math on the page, if the require package is loaded.

action Commands

The action extension implements the following macros: \mathtip, \texttip, \toggle