The mathtools extension implements the mathtools style package from LaTeX. The package provides a number of tools for advanced mathematical typesetting. See the CTAN page for more information and documentation of mathtools.

This package is not autoloaded, so you must request it explicitly if you want to use it. To load the mathtools extension, add '[tex]/mathtools' to the load array of the loader block of your MathJax configuration, and add 'mathtools' to the packages array of the tex block.

window.MathJax = {
  loader: {load: ['[tex]/mathtools']},
  tex: {packages: {'[+]': ['mathtools']}}

Alternatively, use \require{mathtools} in a TeX expression to load it dynamically from within the math on the page, if the require extension is loaded.

mathtools Options

Adding the mathtools extension to the packages array defines an mathtools sub-block of the tex configuration block with the following values:

MathJax = {
  tex: {
    mathtools: {
      multlinegap: '1em',
      multlined-pos: 'c',
      firstline-afterskip: '',
      lastline-preskip: '',
      smallmatrix-align: 'c',
      shortvdotsadjustabove: '.2em',
      shortvdotsadjustbelow: '.2em',
      centercolon: false,
      centercolon-offset: '.04em',
      thincolon-dx: '-.04em',
      thincolon-dw: '-.08em',
      use-unicode: false,
      prescript-sub-format: '',
      prescript-sup-format: '',
      prescript-arg-format: '',
      allow-mathtoolsset: true,
      pairedDelimiters: {},
      tagforms: {}
multlinegap: '1em'

Horizontal space for multlined environments.

multlined-pos: 'c'

Default alignment for multlined environments.

firstline-afterskip: ''

Space for first line of multlined (overrides multlinegap).

lastline-preskip: ''

Space for last line of multlined (overrides multlinegap).

smallmatrix-align: 'c'

Default alignment for smallmatrix environments.

shortvdotsadjustabove: '.2em'

Space to remove above \shortvdots.

shortvdotsadjustbelow: '.2em'

Space to remove below \shortvdots.

centercolon: false

True to have colon automatically centered.

centercolon-offset: '.04em'

Vertical adjustment for centered colons.

thincolon-dx: '-.04em'

Horizontal adjustment for thin colons (e.g., \coloneqq).

thincolon-dw: '-.08em'

Width adjustment for thin colons.

use-unicode: false

True to use unicode characters rather than multi-character version for \coloneqq, etc., when possible.

prescript-sub-format: ''

Format for \prescript subscript.

prescript-sup-format: ''

Format for \prescript superscript.

prescript-arg-format: ''

Format for \prescript base.

allow-mathtoolsset: true

True to allow \mathtoolsset to change settings.

pairedDelimiters: {}

Predefined paired delimiters of the form name: [left, right, body, argcount, pre, post].

tagforms: {}

Tag form definitions of the form name: [left, right, format].

mathtools Commands

The mathtools extension implements the following macros: \:, \Aboxed, \adjustlimits, \ArrowBetweenLines, \bigtimes, \centercolon, \clap, \colonapprox, \Colonapprox, \coloneq, \Coloneq, \coloneqq, \Coloneqq, \colonsim, \Colonsim, \cramped, \crampedclap, \crampedllap, \crampedrlap, \crampedsubstack, \dblcolon, \DeclarePairedDelimiters, \DeclarePairedDelimitersX, \DeclarePairedDelimitersXPP, \eqcolon, \Eqcolon, \eqqcolon, \Eqqcolon, \lparen, \mathclap, \mathllap, \mathmakebox, \mathmbox, \mathrlap, \mathtoolsset, \MoveEqLeft, \MTFlushSpaceAbove, \MTFlushSpaceBelow, \MTThinColon, \ndownarrow, \newtagform, \nuparrow, \ordinarycolon, \overbracket, \prescript, \refeq, \renewtagform, \rparen, \shortvdotswithin, \shoveleft, \shoveright, \splitdfrac, \splitfrac, \textclap, \textllap, \textrlap, \underbracket, \usetagform, \vdotswithin, \xhookleftarrow, \xhookrightarrow, \xLeftarrow, \xleftharpoondown, \xleftharpoonup, \xleftrightarrow, \xLeftrightarrow, \xleftrightharpoons, \xmapsto, \xmathstrut, \xRightarrow, \xrightharpoondown, \xrightharpoonup, \xrightleftharpoons

And the following environments: bmatrix*, Bmatrix*, bsmallmatrix*, Bsmallmatrix*, bsmallmatrix, Bsmallmatrix, cases*, crampedsubarray, dcases*, dcases, drcases*, drcases, lgathered, matrix*, multlined, pmatrix*, psmallmatrix*, psmallmatrix, rcases*, rcases, rgathered, smallmatrix*, spreadlines, vmatrix*, Vmatrix*, vsmallmatrix*, Vsmallmatrix*, vsmallmatrix, Vsmallmatrix