The textmacros extension adds the ability to process some text-mode macros within \text{} and other macros that produce text-mode material. See the Differences from Actual TeX section for how text-mode is handled without this extension.

This extension is not loaded automatically, and can’t be loaded via the autoload extension. To load the textmacros extension, add '[tex]/textmacros' to the load array of the loader block of your MathJax configuration, and add 'textmacros' to the packages array of the tex block.

window.MathJax = {
  loader: {load: ['[tex]/textmacros']},
  tex: {packages: {'[+]': ['textmacros']}}

Alternatively, use \require{textmacros} in a TeX expression to load it dynamically from within the math on the page, if the require package is loaded.

Available Macros:

The macros available in text mode with this extension are listed below. In addition, any macro that is defined via \def or \newcommand or in the macros section of the tex configuration block will also be processed if they only contain macros from the list below.

Additional Special Characters

~ non-breaking space
` open quote (use two for double quote)
' close quote (use two for double quote)

Math Mode Delimiters

$ start/end math mode
\( start math mode
\) end math mode

Quoted Special Characters

\$ literal dollar sign
\_ literal underscore
\% literal percent
\{ literal open brace
\} literal close brace
\ (backslash-space) literal space
\& literal ampersand
\# literal hash mark
\\ literal backslash

Text Accents

\' acute accent
\` grave accent
\^ circumflex accent
\" umlaut accent
\~ tilde accent
\= macron accent
\. over dot accent
\u breve accent
\v caron accent

Font Control

\emph emphasized text
\rm roman text
\oldstyle oldstyle numerals
\cal calligraphic text
\it italic text
\bf bold text
\scr script text
\frak Fraktur text
\sf sans-serif text
\tt typewriter text
\Bbb blackboard-bold text
\textrm roman text
\textit italic text
\textbf bold text
\textsf sans-serif text
\texttt typewriter text

Size Control

\tiny very tiny size
\Tiny tiny size
\scriptsize size of super- and subscripts
\small small size
\normalsize standard size
\large large size
\Large larger sizse
\LARGE very large size
\huge even larger size
\Huge largest size

Special Characters

\S §

Spacing Commands

\, thin space
\: medium space
\> medium space
\; thick space
\! negative thin space
\enspace en-space
\quad quad space
\qquad double quad space
\thinspace thin space
\negthinspace negative thin space
\hskip horizontal skip (by following amount)
\hspace horizontal space (of a given size)
\kern kern (by a given size)
\rule line of a given width and height
\Rule box with given dimensions
\Space space with given dimensions

Color Commands

\color set text color
\textcolor set text color
\colorbox make colored box
\fcolorbox make framed colored box

HTML Commands

Equation Numbers

\ref cite a labeled equation
\eqref cite a labeled equation with parentheses

Additional Packages

You can configure the textmacros extension to use additional packages, just as you can specify additional math TeX packages. Normally, these should be pckages designed for text mode, but it is possible to load some of the regular TeX packages as text macros. For example

MathJax = {
  loader: {load: ['[tex]/textmacros', '[tex]/bbox']},
  tex: {
    packages: {'[+]': {'textmacros'}},
    textmacros: {
      packages: {'[+]': ['bbox']}

would make the bbox extension available in text mode, so you could use \bbox inside \text{}, for example. Not all math-mode extensions are appropriate for textmode, but some can be usefully employed in text mode.