The upgreek extension implements the upgreek style package from LaTeX. It provides upright Greek characters for both lower and upper cases. See the CTAN page for more information and documentation of upgreek.

Note, that the extension does not implement the font selection options from the LaTeX package.

This package is not autoloaded, so you must request it explicitly if you want to use it. To load the upgreek extension, add '[tex]/upgreek' to the load array of the loader block of your MathJax configuration, and add 'upgreek' to the packages array of the tex block.

window.MathJax = {
  loader: {load: ['[tex]/upgreek']},
  tex: {packages: {'[+]': ['upgreek']}}

You can configure the autoload extension to load upgreek via

window.MathJax = {
  tex: {
    autoload: {
      upgreek: ['upalpha', 'upbeta', 'upchi', 'updelta', 'Updelta', 'upepsilon',
                'upeta', 'upgamma', 'Upgamma', 'upiota', 'upkappa', 'uplambda',
                'Uplambda', 'upmu', 'upnu', 'upomega', 'Upomega', 'upomicron',
                'upphi', 'Upphi', 'uppi', 'Uppi', 'uppsi', 'Uppsi', 'uprho',
                'upsigma', 'Upsigma', 'uptau', 'uptheta', 'Uptheta', 'upupsilon',
                'Upupsilon', 'upvarepsilon', 'upvarphi', 'upvarpi', 'upvarrho',
                'upvarsigma', 'upvartheta', 'upxi', 'Upxi', 'upzeta']

Alternatively, use \require{upgreek} in a TeX expression to load it dynamically from within the math on the page, if the require extension is loaded.

upgreek Commands

The upgreek extension implements the following macros: \upalpha, \upbeta, \upchi, \updelta, \Updelta, \upepsilon, \upeta, \upgamma, \Upgamma, \upiota, \upkappa, \uplambda, \Uplambda, \upmu, \upnu, \upomega, \Upomega, \upomicron, \upphi, \Upphi, \uppi, \Uppi, \uppsi, \Uppsi, \uprho, \upsigma, \Upsigma, \uptau, \uptheta, \Uptheta, \upupsilon, \Upupsilon, \upvarepsilon, \upvarphi, \upvarpi, \upvarrho, \upvarsigma, \upvartheta, \upxi, \Upxi, \upzeta