Miscellaneous Components

There are several miscellaneous components that don’t fit into other categories. These are:

They are described in more detail below.


The startup component is the one that you would use if you are not using a combined component, but are using the load array to specify the components you want to load. Like a combined component, you would load this directly via a <script> tag, as in

<script type="text/javascript" id="MathJax-script" async

This is the component that manages the global MathJax object. It is responsible for creating the needed objects (like the input and output jax), and for adding the typesetting and conversion methods described in the Typesetting and Converting Mathematics section.

See the Startup Options section for information about configuring this component.


The ui/safe component is intended for use in situations where your readers will be allowed to enter mathematical notation into your pages themselves, such as a question-and-answer site, or a blog with user comments. It filters the mathematics on the page to make sure that certain values within the mathematics are not misused by the reader to cause problems on your page. For example, the \href macro normally could be used to insert javascript: URLs into the page; the ui/safe extension can be used to prevent that.

See the Safe Extension Options section for more information on what is filtered and how to control the level of filtering being performed. See Typesetting User-Supplied Content for additional details.


The ui/menu component implements the MathJax contextual menu, which allows you to obtain the MathML or original format of the mathematics, change parameters about the output renderer, enable accessibility features, and so on.

See the Contextual Menu Options section for information about configuring this component.


The adaptors/liteDOM component implements an alternative to the browser DOM that can be used to parse HTML pages outside of a browser. This can be used in Node applications that don’t have access to a browser DOM, or in webworkers that can’t access the document DOM.


The core component includes the code that is required for all other components, including the base classes for input and output jax, math documents, math items within those documents, DOM adaptors, and so on. This component is loaded automatically when needed, so you don’t usually have to load it yourself. But you can include it if you are creating your own combined component.


The loader component contains the code needed to load other components. It is included automatically by the startup component, but if you don’t want the features created by the startup module, you can use the loader component instead to load the MathJax component you need. You can even use it as a general loader for other javascript, if you want.

See the Loader Options section for information about configuring this component.