Version 3 is now the current version of MathJax. This document is for version 2.

Browser CompatibilityΒΆ

Extensive browser support is an important goal for MathJax. At the same time, MathJax does require a certain minimum level of browser functionality. The following list describes the browsers that have been tested with MathJax. Please comment in the MathJax User Group or file issues on GitHub if you notice inaccuracies or problems.

For screenshots, we suggest to visit using services such as,, or

Browser Versions Notes
Internet Explorer 6.0 and later (Windows) In MathJax v2.0+, IE8 and IE9 run faster in their IE8 and IE9 standards mode than in IE7 emulation mode.
Firefox 3.0 and later (Windows, MacOS, Linux) Firefox 2.0 is not supported. Firefox before 3.5 uses image fonts.
Chrome 0.3 and later (Windows, MacOS, Linux)  
Safari 2.0 and later (MacOSX, Windows)  
Opera 9.5 and later (Windows, MacOS, Linux)  
iPad/iPhone/iTouch All iOS versions  
Android stock browser v2.1 and later  
BlackBerry OS 6 and later  
Symbian Supported Tested on Symbian3 emulator.
Konqueror 4.x and later (Linux) Not tested with older versions.
Gecko browsers   Not systematically tested, but should be like Firefox.
WebKit browsers   Not systematically tested, but should be like Safari.