Version 3 is now the current version of MathJax. This document is for version 2.

What’s New in MathJax v2.2

MathJax v2.2 includes a number of new features, as well a more than 40 important bug fixes.


  • Localization of MathJax user interface. (German and French translations currently available in addition to English.)
  • Commutative diagrams via the AMScd extension.
  • New Safe-mode extension that allows you to restrict potentially dangerous features of MathJax when it is used in a shared environment (e.g., href to javascript, styles and classes, etc.)
  • Improve MathML rendering for mfenced and mlabeldtr elements in browsers that don’t support them well.
  • Experimental Content MathML support.

TeX input:

  • Avoid potential infinite loops in \mathchoice constructs. (Issue #373)
  • Add error message when an evironment closes with unbalanced braces. (Issue #454)
  • Allow spaces in the RGB, rgb, and greyscale color specifications. (Issue #446)
  • Process \$ in \text arguements. (ssue #349)
  • Preserve spaces within \verb arguments. (Issue #381)
  • Make \smallfrown and \smallsmile come from the variant font so they have the correct size. (Issue #436)
  • Make the input TeX jax generate mrow plus mo elements rather than mfenced elements (for better compatibility with native MathML implementations).
  • Make \big and its relatives use script or scriptscript fonts (although size is still absolute, as it is in TeX) so that it balances the text weight in scripts. (Issue #350)
  • Convert true and false attributes to booleans in \mmlToken. (Issue #451)


  • Rename AsciiMath config option from decimal to decimalsign. (Issue #384)


  • Add Greek Delta to SVG fonts. (Issue #347)
  • Fix monospace space character to be the same width as the other monospace characters. (Issue #380)
  • Better handling of unknown or invalid values for mathvariant or values not supported by generic fonts.


  • Handle empty child nodes better.
  • Improved MathML rendering for mfenced and mlabeldtr elements.
  • Ignore linebreak attribute on mspace when dimensional attributes are set. (Issue #388)
  • Implement rowspacing/columnspacing for mtable in native MathML output in Firefox using cell padding.


  • Allow \color to override link color in SVG output. (Issue #427)
  • Add min-width to displayed equations with labels so that they cause their containers to have non-zero width (like when they are in a table cell or an absolutlye positioned element). (Issue #428)
  • Fix a processing error with elements that contain hyperlinks. (Issue #364)
  • Try to isolate MathJax from CSS transitions. (Issue #449)
  • Go back to using em’s (rounded to nearest pixel) for Chrome. Rounding makes the placement work more reliably, while still being in relative units. (Issue #443)
  • Prevent error when math contains characters outside of the MathJax fonts. (Issue #441)
  • Make final math size be in relative units so that it prints even if print media has a different font size. (Issue #386)
  • Don’t scale line thickness for menclose elements (so lines won’t disapear in scripts). (Issue #414)
  • Fix fontdata.js to allow it to be included in combined configuration files. (Issue #413)
  • Makes math-based tooltips be spaced properly when rendered. (Issue #412)
  • Fix Math Processing Error when ⁡ is used without preceeding content. (Issue #410)
  • Fix a problem using an empty table as a super- or subscript. (Issue #392)
  • Handle the case where selection in maction is invalid or out of range. (Issue #365)
  • Add a pixel extra around the SVG output to accommodate antialiasing pixels. (Issue #383)
  • Fix Math Processing Error for msubsup/msub/msup elements.
  • Limit the number of repetition to build stretchy chars in HTML-CSS. (Issue #366)
  • Fix Math Processing Error in mmultiscripts/menclose. (Issue 362)


  • Make zoom work properly with expressions that have full width (e.g., tagged equations).
  • Handle zooming when it is inside a scrollable element when it is not the main body element. (Issue #435)
  • Update math processing errors to include original format and actual error message in the “Show Math As” menu. (Issue #450)
  • Add a Help dialog box (rather than link to
  • Remove the v1.0 configuration warning. (Issue #445)
  • Trap errors while saving cookies (and go on silently). (Issue #374)
  • Fix typo in IE warning message. (Issue #397)
  • Use UA string sniffing for identifying Firefox and handle detecting mobile versions better.
  • Make MathML source show non-BMP characters properly. (Issue #361)
  • Make tool tips appear above zoom boxes. (Issue #351)


  • Allow preview for preprocessors to be just a plain string (rather than requiring [string]).
  • Remap back-tick to back-quote. (Issue #402)
  • Handle script tags in HTML.Element() so they work in IE. (Issue #342)
  • Add the MathJax_Preview class to the ignoreClass list so that tex2jax and asciimath2jax won’t process previews accidentally. (Issue #378)
  • Fix processing errors with various table and menclose attributes. (Issue #367)
  • Use hasOwnProperty() when checking file specification objects (prevents problems when Object.prototype has been modified). (Issue #352)